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tories accused of ‘secret tax plan’

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pandora jewelry Quantifying overdiagnosis in mammography screening remains a challenge all estimates are subject to bias, and findings vary over a wide range amid continuing methodological debate.9 10 11 Recent studies have suggested that the overdiagnosed proportion of breast cancers (invasive and non invasive) diagnosed in women invited for screening is likely to be around 19% to 35%,8 12 13 14 15 whereas other estimates have been substantially lower16 17 or higher.18 19Debate persists regarding the appropriateness of informing women about the risk of overdiagnosis before they decide to screen.20 Many argue that women considering screening should be aware of benefits and harms, including overdiagnosis, so they can make informed decisions about whether to participate.1 14 21 22 23 24 25 However, others are wary of the possibility that explicit information on the downsides of screening might dissuade people from participating.20 26 Materials distributed by breast screening programmes worldwide generally do not explain overdiagnosis,3 5 27 28 29 and consequently the public is largely unaware of the issue.30 31 32 Two mammography decision aids (evidence based information resources to support decision making) have briefly introduced the concept of overdiagnosis via an optional hyperlink33 or appendix.34 However, the information was probably not sufficient to convey the full implications of overdiagnosis and overtreatment https://www.jewelleryflq679.top, including the number of women affected. In a New Zealand study,35 a citizens’ deliberation method was used to educate a panel of 11 women about mammography benefits and harms, of whom 10 then changed their minds to vote against government provision of screening for women aged 40 49. Although overdiagnosis was referred to repeatedly during group deliberations about screening policy,35 it remains unclear how women respond to overdiagnosis on an individual level and how they might integrate this information with their personal attitudes in deciding about their own screening participation pandora jewelry.