“I think the moreconsumers are filling up that extra tank of gas

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wholesale jerseys from china Pat McCrory issued a state of emergency declaration for North Carolina on Friday so more tanker trucks could hit the road, but when news of the shortage hit the airwaves and news outlets Friday, motorists started hitting the gas stations hard.”I think the moreconsumers are filling up that extra tank of gas, you’re causing a higher demand,” Phillips said.The shortage, coupled with over buying, created a snowball effect similar to a winter snowstorm when consumers go crazy buying milk and bread, Phillips said.”I think it’s freaking out,” said Wayne Parham, who pumped $15 worth of gas, at $2.19 a gallon,into his Ford Escape at the Citi Stop Monday morning.He buys and sells pallets for a living and had a trailer load behind his vehicle Monday morning.”You’ve got to make sure you’ve got it,” Parham said. “You never know when it will be there, and then you might not get it.”Wayne Parham fills up his Ford Escape Monday morning at the Citi Stop Shell station in Biltmore Village. “I think it freakin out,” Parham said, when asked what driving the shortage, but he added that people like him can work if they don have gas. wholesale jerseys from china

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