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Replica Hermes Bags It tells me a lot more about the path. I don’t know Pete but he is now inextricably linked to LocoL forever. So I’ll share with you what I wrote to a friend and our team. The PR maven took to social media on Tuesday to lampoon a newspaper article in which she was accused of abusing Pixie who is the face of hair accessories company, Pixies Bows.Speaking exclusively to Daily Mail Australia, the 35 year old said it was ‘a disgrace’ to suggest she had in any way harmed her daughter by starting a business for her.Scroll down for videoFury: Roxy posted a photograph of the newspaper column on Instagram on Tuesday morning highlighting the accusation made against herIt is now understood to turn over millions of dollars a year, counts Suri Cruise and Blue Ivy among celebrity fans and ships globally.Explaining her decision to launch the company when Pixie was just one, Roxy said she merely decided to turn entrepreneur after being constantly asked where she bought the bows Pixie wore herself.’The concept of the Hair Bows came from the fact she wore one in her hair (basically from the age of one) and so many people had asked where I bought it.’My inner entrepreneur couldn’t tell them, instead, I decided to make a business out of it something none of us (my husband and mum help with the business) thought could be so incredibly popular globally.’Loving: Roxy regularly shares photographs with her four year old daughter on her own social media account tooThe child also commands her own social media following, charging up to $500 per product placement in Instagram posts.But media savvy Roxy insist all earnings from each of avenue using Pixie’s name or appearance are stored in account to which she will have access when she is 21.’All of Pixie’s earnings go to her she has a business Pixie Co which sees ANY income generated from her Pixie’s Bows Business, bookings for appearances and hosting gigs and sponsored Instagram posts go to this account.’With the ongoing development of new products for her online store. Profits are reinvested in stock and anything left over she can have access to when she is 21 to hopefully invest in property or something similar with a long term view.’Popular: Pixie has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram and can command up to $500 for product placement in postsAdding that she monitors her daughter’s exposure microscopically, she continued that, like other social media users, she uploads the highlights of their day to day routines but insists Pixie is ‘just like any other four year old.”Pixie, is a normal four year old Replica Hermes, tantrums and all. Instagram without question highlights the highs as opposed to the moments where she, like any toddler, chucks a wobbly over the most ridiculous of things.’I’m not about to be picking up my phone when these things happen Replica Hermes Bags.