On Cypress Mountain the resident pub will be dressed up in a

Two footed over and back After your box jumps, try jumping completely over the box and back for reps. Start with two sets of five reps of each exercise, resting for 90 seconds in between. Make sure you don’t jump backward off the box; that’s when you can get hurt..

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According to the National Collegiate Athletic Association rules, students are allowed no more than four years of athletic eligibility in any one sport. A “redshirt” player gets an additional year (a fifth year academically) to participate in practice and training sessions. The term “redshirt freshman” refers to a student athlete in his second year of college (an academic sophomore) but in his first year of sports competition.

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The last blog entry covered an auction for a “Holy Grail” type item Citation’s winning Kentucky Derby horseshoe which had strong provenance. The item sold for a bit more than $5,000.00. Currently, on Ebay, a pair of stallion shoes with strong provenance worn by Secretariat is at $5,000.00 with 2 days to go..

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