So did quarterback Jim McMahon (and his trademark headband)

Transporter has a 13 litre AdBlue tank that will require refilling between regular service intervals.All have VW’s BlueMotion Technology (BMT) kit as standard, including Start/Stop, regenerative braking and low rolling resistance tyres. This contributes to commendably low fuel consumption across the range. There is also a dedicated BlueMotion model, built on the short wheelbase 102hp van, that incorporates aerodynamically improved wheel spoilers, lowered suspension and boasts modified gears, low friction tyres, cruise control and a 62mph speed limiter.

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But former coach Mike Ditka made the trip, along with Super Bowl MVP Richard Dent and receiver Willie Gault. So did quarterback Jim McMahon (and his trademark headband) and defensive mastermind Buddy Ryan. As a recent article on Bleacher Report notes, it was Ryan’s imposing “46” defense and stars like Mike Singletary, Dent, Perry, and the late Dave Duerson that propelled the team to legendary status..

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