Subsidy given to auto Industry

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best celine replica “DACs are offered in lieu of prosecution and if the driver fully complies, which in this case he has, then that is the end of the matter,” she added.The Driver Alertness Course is one of a number of “awareness” programmes offered under the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS) covering “low level moving traffic offences”.Horse Patsy makes ‘miracle’ recovery after being hit by car on wrong side of roadOne of the horses, Patsy, was shown flying into a 360 degree turn, while her rider was thrown up in the air before landing awkwardly by a grass verge. The brown and white mare had to be nursed back to life by vets when she was injured in the head and chest after being thrown in the air by the force of the impact.Fleur, the other horse, was also treated at Witcham Equestrian Centre near Ely, where they were both stabled.Like us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterDaily NewsletterCrimeSigns there’s a pop up brothel in your streetCrimestoppers is today appealing for information on those running pop up brothels in the city. Here’s what should set alarm bells ringing:Caroline FlackCaroline Flack accidentally reveals Love Island twist on live TVThe presenter was a guest on Sunday Brunch when she spoke about the Love Island final prize moneyCambridge City CouncilHot Numbers wants to become a bar and its neighbours are not happyWould you grab a beer here, or should they pack it in at 10.30pm?Imperial War Museum DuxfordWhat we know about the ‘Miss Velma’ Mustang reported to have crashedWitnesses say the pilot of “Miss Velma” was forced to make an emergency landing in a fieldTraffic TravelRecap: Investigation after cyclist involved in crash on A14All the latest as we get itEntertainmentBig Weekend: enjoy 33 fabulous photos of the three day eventWe’ve picked some of the best pictures from Parker’s PieceCambridge’Cheap aftershave, cheap Burberry, blood, aggression’: Is this what Cambridge is like on a Saturday?We defend Cambridge against online reviewers who have lambasted the city best celine replica.