Wonders of Word

Wonders of Word

Session Description

This session will work on introducing individuals to all the features of Word.

At the completion of this session the team member will:

  • Know how to use the find and replace text feature in a document
  • Be able to link several Word documents together so the user can change information in one document while it changes related data in all other documents
  • Know how to insert a table into a document
  • Be able to format the cell contents in a table
  • Be familiar with the formatting features of a table
  • Be familiar with styles and how to apply and create them
  • Be able to select text vertically
  • Know how to insert bookmarks in a document
  • Be capable of using the GOTO function to locate specific elements in a document
  • Know how to use templates to create a new document
  • Be familiar with the Office Assistant
  • Be familiar with the common toolbars and how to access and customize them
  • Understand the nonprinting characters functions to assist in editing and formatting a document
  • Be familiar with the AutoCorrect Dialog Box and features to create shortcuts
  • Know how to change the indents, line spacing, and alignment of a paragraph
  • Be capable of adding headers and footers to multiple page documents with efficiency shortcuts
  • Know how to insert and delete page and section breaks in a document
  • Be able to insert special symbols and characters into documents (ex , )
  • Be familiar with font characteristics and changing default settings
  • Be able to set left, center, right, and decimal tabs with/with-out lines
  • Display and/or edit the author and properties of a document
  • Be familiar with the components of the drawing toolbar
  • Know how to insert text boxes into a document
  • Be capable of manipulating AutoShapes in a document
  • Be capable of capturing screen images
  • Be familiar with graphic components
  • Be able to save and insert a graphic from the web and network
  • Know how to set a graphic as a watermark

Who should attend? Anyone

Presenter: Linda Steele

CPE awarded: 2 hours other

Prerequisite:  None

Program Length: 2 hours Computer Science

This class comes with a practice disk.