44kWkg1) and cycling stability (capacitance retention rate of

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Canada Goose Outlet A flexible, all solid state asymmetric supercapacitor (ACT/Co Al LDH//ACT/graphene) is assembled using the nanostructured ACT/Co Al LDH as the positive electrode Canada Goose Sale, ACT/graphene as the negative electrode, and PVA KOH gel as both the solid state electrolyte and separator. The asymmetric cell works synergically to achieve excellent electrochemical performance in terms of its working potential (1.6V), energy density (55.04Whkg1), power density (5.44kWkg1) and cycling stability (capacitance retention rate of 87.54% after 2,000 cycles). Moreover, we demonstrate a practical roll to roll manufacturing approach to combine the flexible asymmetric supercapacitor with a flexible solar cell to fabricate an integrated self sustaining power pack, which is scalable for industrial manufacturing Canada Goose Outlet.