Dekalb County police spokeswoman Shiera Campbell said the

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Hermes Belt Replica The nearly two minute long video, recorded on June 4, shows the DeKalb County officer beating the woman and threatening to shoot her as she struggles on the ground of a convenience store.Though police reported that the woman was unarmed, she was at times seen using her legs to try to kick the officer. There’s at least one moment when she doesn’t appear to move at all before she’s repeatedly hit.Dekalb County police spokeswoman Shiera Campbell said the renewed investigation is in response to the video appearing on social media over the weekend.”It’s more we’re looking at the video to see if it aligns with the officer’s statement. Right now, what he put in his report is consistent Replica Hermes with the video,” she told HuffPost on Tuesday.According to the police report, the officer, who is not identified, was responding to a complaint of a woman asking for money from customers inside the store. Hermes Belt Replica

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