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Replica Designer Handbags 11, 2001 Designer Fake Handbags, terror attacks raised police concern in relation to the incident.The refugees, who were arrested Friday, were being held in Marcicopa County jail on bonds of $75,000. They face felony charges of having a hoax device and conspiracy to obtain a hoax device, and police say more could be filed as the investigation develops.’One doesn’t tape a cellphone to a container when you’re going through airport security when you’ve got an ounce of sense.’ David Cid, counterterrorism expertThe refugees are Luwiza Daman, 51, from Ethiopia who was living in Des Moines, Iowa; Shullu Gorado, 25, and Shani Asa, 34, both of Eritrea, a small country on the Red Sea that borders Ethiopia in the Horn of Africa.Daman, Gorado and Asa all declined to speak to The Associated Press on Wednesday through a sheriff’s spokesman Designer Replica Bags, and it’s unclear whether any of them yet have lawyers.Gorado’s roommate, Dawit Abera, 36, told the AP outside their apartment that Gorado works full time for a cement company. He said his roommate of five months is honest Replica Bags, hardworking, sends money to his mother and brother back home and helps other refugees in the community,”He’s too much of a good guy,” Abera said Replica Designer Handbags.