Excel Formulas

Session Description

This session’s focus will introduce the Excel user to the structure of a formula and the common functions.

At the completion of this session the team member will:

be able to use formulas to perform calculations

  • Know how to use cell names to perform calculations
  • Be familiar with relative and absolute references
  • Be familiar with the following functions and recognize the format of a formula:
  • =sum – add cells together
  • =max – find the highest value of selected cells
  • =min – find the lowest value of selected cells
  • =average – find the average value of selected cells
  • Be able to copy a formula to adjacent cells
  • Know how to display formulas in a worksheet
  • now how to enter functions using the formula palette
  • Be able to use the now date function
  • Know how to use the logical if function
  • Be able to use the financial functions fv and pmt
  • Be familiar with the auditing feature for formulas
  • Be able to link objects in worksheets and consolidate data
  • Know how to hide and unhide rows and columns
  • Be able to freeze and unfreeze rows and columns
  • Be familiar with the zoom setting in a worksheet

Who should attend? Anyone

Presenter: Linda Steele

Prerequisite: None

Program Length: 2 hours

CPE awarded: 2 hours Computer Science