I can guarantee you someone will be listening or recording

“It’s fine,” he said. “As far as disappointing, I would certainly hope that when we do get to the playoffs and have a deep run, that things would flip. But you got to get there first. While house rules might have been a respected and adhered to concept back in the pre digital days of journalism Cheap Jerseys from china, today it really seems just as out of date at Jones bigoted views. If you don want to get in trouble for saying disgusting things in public, then here an idea: don say them. I can guarantee you someone will be listening or recording.

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PERIODS: Another example of how Ottawa fans possess long memories: They still boo Bryan Berard heartily almost every time he touches the puck. Ron Tugnutt looked like he was watching a little baseball yesterday afternoon, the way he snared a shot of Yanic Perreault’s in the second period. One of the most amazing aspects of Hossa’s game is how he can play with one hand.

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