QuickBooks for Non-Accountants

QuickBooks for Non-Accountants

Session Description

This session will work on teaching the non-accountant the basics of QuickBooks.

At the completion of this session the team member will:

  • Know how to do accounts payable
  • Know where to locate and use bank accounts
  • Know how to take and record customer payments
  • Know some of the most-used features
  • Know how to record deposits
  • Know how to enter bills
  • Know how to handle bills
  • Know how to run reports
  • Know how to reconciliation
  • Know how to record sales and invoices
  • Know how to transfer money

Presenter: Linda Steele

Who should attend? Business owners, non-accountants

Program Length: 2 hours

Prerequisite:  Users of QuickBooks

CPE awarded: 2 hours Accounting