The event was chronicled in a story and photograph on the

But the real problem with Confessions is that it has a vacuum at its heart as yawning as that in Becky’s brain. Our airhead heroine dreams of frittering away her parents’ nest egg and sells the bridesmaid dress she’s to wear at her best friend’s wedding in pursuit of YSL. As with the execrable Bride Wars which saw two “best friends” clawing one another’s veils off, there’s not even a redeeming strand of sisterhood, so when the climactic showdown between Becky and her debt collector arrives, our sympathy is already spent.

In contrast to the 64 bit IA64 architecture used in Intel Itanium processors, x86 64 is based on the existing x86 32 architecture. It means the x86 64 based processor can run all the existing 32 bit applications without any difficulty. There are quite a lot of them now, you know, and they cost a lot of money.

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