“We love the South! Donald Trump is our candidate

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wholesale jerseys If we don’t make a change, we’ll lose everything we have,” said one supporter.”Trump has show the Republican Party what the Republican Party is and is going to be and I think that was a shock to a lot of people in the establishment,” said one supporter.”We love the South! Donald Trump is our candidate,” said one supporter.”I know it’s a tough election and it will probably be close, but I think he will come out on top,” said one supporter.Trump encouraged supporters to get out and vote on Tuesday.”We’re asking for the vote of Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and first time voters for which we have a lot of them,” said Trump.The rally ended with a fireworks show.All content 2016, WALA; Mobile, AL. (A Meredith Corporation Station).MPD working two shootings and a crashMother sent chilling texts to child’s fatherMother sent chilling texts to child’s fatherThe mother felt the father was cheating on her Cheap Jerseys china, police said. (Source: KDKA/CNN/Facebook/Allegheny CThe father was receiving texts from the mother, and then one from her saying the child was dead wholesale jerseys.